No F1 Hybrids / GMO seeds here. Only seeds from natural selection.

We are a bunch of passionate open-pollinated heirloom seed savers.

If you have heirloom seeds and worried it will be gone for future generation, we will be happy to add into our seed bank, grow and give it a comeback.

Save Heirloom Seeds for our children.

All of our plants are only feed with animal manure and compost. No synthetic fertiliser or chemicals used.

Be kind to our environment as we are sharing with other living things created by God.

Our ancestors live a healthy life without artificially man-made poison. Big NO to pesticide.

Plants on our kebun are organically grown, only kisses by us, rain and other living things.

Any form of gardening patience is the virtue.


 Bunga-bunga yang kembang warna merah ada di dalam stok jualan Kebun Bahagia Bersama (klik pada nama tanaman untuk mengenali lebih dekat lagi) :

Scarlet Passion Flower (RM12.00 satu bekas).
Pokok Pepanggil (pagoda) (RM10.00 satu bekas).
Ri Ri Ying (Jatropha pandurifolia) (RM10.00 satu bekas).
Akar Dani Multi-Petal (Rangoon Creeper) <Combretum indicum> (RM8.00 satu bekas)

Pokok Ceri Terengganu <Perupok>(RM10.00 satu bekas).

Pokok Red Powder Puff (RM9.00 satu bekas)
 <atau anggaran 25 biji benih 1 pek RM3.00>

Pokok Puding (RM6.00 satu bekas)

Pokok Belimbing Buloh (RM9.00 satu bekas)

Hurricane Lily (Lycoris radiata) <1 bawang RM12>.

Pokok FireCracker Fern (Russelia equisetiformis) /Coral bush/ Fountain plant (RM7.00 satu bekas)

Frangipani Fragrant Bali Blushing Red (1 keratan RM15.00)

Red Ginger (Ostrich plume) <Alpinia purpurata> ~ 1 pot RM8.00 ~

Costus Green Mountain  (1 bekas/rhizome RM8.00)

Jambu Bol (1pot for RM25.00)

Thailand Powderpuff (Combretum constrictum) <1bekas RM12.00>

Red Torch Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundiflora) <Angggaran 50 biji benih dalam 1pek RM3.00>

Climbing Red Rose (1pot RM8.00)

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